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gyaru tips: 10 things i discovered about:

fake lashes:

  1. they complete all ur looks, even the casual ones

  2. if they r to heavy after few hours u use them they makes ur eyelids heavier

  3. they makes ur eyes more intense, no matter if they’r light or dark

  4. no matter if they’r more or less thick, they will always make the differene in ur look

  5. u can make them look more natural if u apply mascara on them

  6. they works better than false lashes loook mascara

  7. u need to use a brand glue, or they will tear away faster than u think

  8. the glue must be almost dry before apply ur lashes, or the corners will secede

  9. apply lashes with tweezers is easyer than doing it with ur fingers

  10. they r absolutelly a must when u r tryng a gyaru look

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